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Fragment scenariusza?
piątek · 24 wrzesnia 1999 · 17:59 · Franki

Kha'Nuun Jade podesłał tekst, który teoretycznie mógłby być fragmentem scenariusza. W praktyce nie jest nim raczej na pewno. Nie mniej jednak nie zaszkodzi od czasu do czasu trochę poplotkować ;-)


A tall, blonde-hair man, all dressed in black exits the ship. Right after him there's a vicious-looking woman with dead-white skin and red hair. They are ANAKIN SKYWALKER, Jedi Knight and AURRA SING, a dreadful and infamous bounty hunter.

ANAKIN: Come quickly. We haven't much time left.

AURRA: You don't have to tell it twice, boy. The fire will soon consume all we know and that includes us, unless we do the right thing about time.


Anakin rushes through the square to the entrance, along with irritated Aurra.

AURRA: We're only waistin' our time. Your religious friend will be no help for us, just like the rest of 'em.

ANAKIN: He is not like the others. They are old and conservative. He saw all this... he will understand.

The two approach the entrace, guarded by two JEDI KEEPERS. The Keepers block the way to the temple with their metal staffs.

GUARD #1: Stand back. There is no place for both of you on this sacred ground.

Anakin raises his hand and talks mildly.

ANAKIN: You will let us pass without any senseless violence.

GUARD #2: That could work on some ordinary people, but don't forget that we are skilled and also trained in the ways of the Force.

GUARD #1: Now go away from here or you will have to deal with...

AURRA (to Anakin): I knew it! Your tricks won't replace a good weapon.

She pulls out a TWIN-BLADED KNIFE and beats one of the guards to the ground. The second Keeper ignites his LIGHTSABER and raises the blade as does Anakin, when suddenly a voice from the temple echoes in the air.

VOICE: Stop it! All of you, put down your weapons. This sacred ground is not a place for stupid tussles.

Anakin and Aurra obediently put their weapons away and draws a few steps back. The Keepers quickly vanish in the darkness inside temple, as a tall dark-dressed man walks out to the light. He appears to be OBI-WAN KENOBI, the Jedi Master who once taught Anakin. He looks still young despite the brown beard he's wearing, though his eyes present wisdom.

OBI-WAN: You should shame, Anakin. There were days when you would never draw your arms against another Jedi.

AURRA: Well it's not the same time as five years ago, priesty. War is upon us, possibly the worst ever and in the time of war the laws remain silent, don't you know?

OBI-WAN: Why do you work with this shred of human being? She isn't worth your attention.

AURRA: Why you... (she falls silent when Anakin gives her a sign).

ANAKIN: She is the key to our victory. The Mandalorians will listen to her, I know it -- but we need your help, Obi-Wan. You have support in the Council. You could influence them to help us.

OBI-WAN: It's too late to reason with the Mandalorians. They want blood... we should left it to the Republic Senate.

ANAKIN: The Senate! They will discuss, speak about possibilities, appeal to their laws and resolutions. It will take time, and that's what we don't have anymore! We must act, we must... (interrupted by Kenobi).

OBI-WAN: Silence! Your emotions have prevailed your common sense, Anakin. I didn't want to admit it, but you stepped onto the path of the darkness. The thing I feared for over ten years...

ANAKIN: You just don't understand, Obi-Wan. Sidious was right about you... Your fear of the Dark Side is so strong in you that you can't accept it as the only appropriate way.

AURRA (to Anakin): I told you! He's weak. We can make it by ourselves. Come on, I'm not gonna stay here a minute longer than necessary.

ANAKIN (to Kenobi): So be it, my friend. Let our paths never cross again... because I swear upon the Force, I won't let you go away alive.

OBI-WAN: Therefore your doom is only a matter of time, dark apprentice.

Skywalker and Sing walk away from the temple. Kenobi turns his head away and enters the building as a small, barely noticable tear drips on his cheek...

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